Samsung Galaxy wireless charger compatible phones

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In the past, people used to use the latest ways for their communication. They used arrows and
bows, they sent messages via birds like pigeons and etc. after the beginning of the industrial revolution
people used to use lots of electronic media for their communication. Among them, the mobile
phone is very special. It is acting a big part in the field of modern communication. With the
rapid increment of the technology, the mobile phone also modified very much. Now we can see
mobile phones with different features like AI(Artificial Intelligence), sensors and many more
Among them, there a special feature which we can see in modern Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
That is our point in this article. That is a “wireless charging technology”. First, let’s talk
about the history of this smart technology.

This was invented by Nikola Tesla. However, in 2015, Samsung has embedded a wireless
charging integrated circuit into Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6-Edge devices. Making wireless
charging a basic option for smartphone users, unlike previous devices. Its new wireless
charging pad (ep-pG920) incorporated glass-like materials to match the aesthetics of the
phone. It was circular in shape which made it easier for consumers to locate the center of the
device, the area where the charger connects to the smartphone via an electromagnetic field. Later
that year, the introduction of the fast charge, wireless charging pad(ep-pn920) enabled
consumers to more quickly charge their Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+, which design
enhancements allowed it to better blend into its surroundings.

Samsung Galaxy wireless charger

In late 2000, Samsung created a special team designed exclusively to focus on wireless
charging and began extensive research and development. The goal was to develop a
technology that was convenient and easy to use in order to promote and drive the widespread
adoption of wireless charger technology standards. As they soon learned, several obstacles had to be
overcome for wireless charging technology to succeed in the market, most notably the size and
price of some of the most crucial components.
Samsung’s wireless charger convertible which was released with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+
features a modern highly versatile design that beautifully blends into just about any home or
workplace environment.
Let’s see how a wireless charger works. There’s a coil of wire create magnetic fields, which can
be used to generate a current flow in a separated insulated coil. This is the basis of transformer
technology and both inductive and resonance chargers.

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