How to connect Android to Ethernet?-Best 2018 tech guide

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You have to have Android Marshmellow 6.0.1 version of Android device or rooted Android device with the previous version of Operating System in order to connect with Ethernet. Next; you have to have an Ethernet Adapter cable. By connecting this cable into your Android device you can easily enable LAN connection into it. In the next piece of the article let’s discuss a little on further must know fact to be a success in how to connect Android to Ethernet.connect Android to Ethernet

What is the meaning of word storage on the internet?

When it comes to internet connections it is a wonderful place. We can not see the sources but everything is there. In this era, you can collect any information by using web servers. Is there any storage on the internet? This is the unsolved question in our minds.

Actually, the internet does not have its own storage. But it depends on the storage provides by web servers. Simply, Google has its own cloud storage. It is the same as your own data storage in your computer or smartphone. When we search through Google, internet facility uses this cloud storage of Google.

There are two types of storages named primary and secondary. The storage of internet refers to the data stores in hard drives of web servers.

The internet storage depends on the number of web servers available. When web servers increased or when developing existing web servers, it causes to increase storage in the web servers. Then we can access more data by using the internet. This also a must know the fact when searching for how to connect Android to Ethernet.

How to connect SIM card to the router?

You have to connect SIM card to the router in order access internet connection. This guide is designed for you to reference prior to connect your SIM card to the router. It is necessary to follow this particular order of steps.

How to connect Android to Ethernet?

First; Check the compatibility of your SIM with the router

Second; Check whether you can connect your mobile server by using the SIM card or not.

Third; Insert the SIM card into the router and you have to make sure to keep correct APN and the PIN code

Finally, go to the web page of the router and proceed with default settings. In here you have to enter correct VPN and PIN code. Next; you have to save the modifications and restart the page.

After these steps, you will be able to connect your SIM card into the router. If you are struggling with how to connect Android to Ethernet, this is the best guideline you have to follow.

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