Here is all the news about Apple’s next iPhone. It is going to be launched in an event on September 12 in California. The newest will be coming with three new iPhone X-style handsets. It appears with a larger iPhone X Plus and a cheaper LCD model. In the article here, you will be able to find all about iPhones including the release date, names, prices, and its design changes. There are date and time given for this release which is September 12 at 10 am PDT. The latest news is that it comes with a gold ring. The newest launch is going to be called the iPhone XS. The name XS is going to show that the phone is going to be excess in size, and also extra small.

Facts on the latest iPhones

These details are going to be loved by all iPhone fans. It is also kind of interesting to get in touch with this series. So far, this is all the latest news on the iPhone newest release, and it is also going to introduce a new set of handsets. The new handset is going to have an Apple Pencil support. The new version could go by many new terms out of the most common that would be iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus or else iPhone 11 and 11 Plus. However, rumors show evidence that it is going to be called the iPhone XS. There had been issues when it came to the choosing of a name for the iPhone. However, the final name had been shifted to the iPhone XS. Apple has been struggling with finding the best name for the newest release. Rumors state that companies had struggled to choose the best name for the latest release. The name had to be altered by most reports. The term XS also has issues since it could either mean extra on smaller. However, it would be the best that could be chosen for the new release. The size of the screen will influence the name that has been selected for the new device.

Next iPhone
Macerkopf has reported that the new iPhones will be available to be pre-ordered starting from Friday 14 September onwards. As soon as the event takes place on 12 September, there will be times to get in touch with ordering your iPhone. The 5.8 and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones are going to be available in September. That will be helpful for ones eagerly waiting to get the iPhone!