What are the Xiaomi upcoming technologies

Xiaomi debuts 100MP camera
Xiaomi new charging method
Xiaomi MI JIA upcoming technology

Xiaomi debuts 100MP camera

Xiaomi is a china company that nowadays just giving a lot of new technologies. And growing their business all over the world. So now we will talk about what are the new Xiaomi upcoming technology. Xiaomi has officially informed that they going to release their first 100MP camera with their next high range smartphone. And they informed about this in their official Telegram group and it’s going to be 100MP or 108MP and they informed that they going to release an Under Display Camera so we will hope that they will include this camera with their under-display camera smartphone. And it’s going to be 108,000,000 pixels, 12032*9024 resolution. And this Xiaomi upcoming technology just going to rock the world for sure and Xiaomi going to give a big competition to other companies for sure.

Xiaomi upcoming technology( new charging method )

So what is this ?? nowadays we play lots of games, watching movies, using other online apps on our android phones and with these hard works battery drain very fast and some smartphones still use 5W or 10w  charging speed for like 4000mah battery capacity so it takes like 2hour for full charge and it’s a lot of time in present.

So Xiaomi upcoming new technology going to help us with this. So how??  Xiaomi has Officially informed that they going to release a new phone with a new charging system. And they share this information on their official telegram group. And in their photos, they have shown that there is a solar panel system In the back of the phone. Cool right!! but there is no any Official or Unofficial information about the battery capacity, charging speed, the material or how it going to work with this new technology. So we will hope that in the future we don’t need any kind to the charger with us.


Next new Xiaomi upcoming technology is Smart Door Lock. Nowadays We specially care about our privacy and security. We all like to have a more perfect place and more secure place for live aren’t we. So next Xiaomi upcoming technology is a smart door lock with new and more security and they name it as MI_JIA. So how does it work ?? that is the next problem that comes into your mind. Let’s see what they have included to the smart door lock.

They have used such as Fingerprint in the door lock + NFC and a CODE to unlock and many things in this next generation door lock. And you can set up to get a notification to know that who are in the house and who have gone out of the house. Cool right!! Sometimes we think and care more about our family So you can know that your child/children have returned to the house or not. And there is an indicator light that shows whether it’s correctly locked or not some times we forget to lock the door but in this case, you will never forget to lock the door even there Is a beep sound so even blind people can know whether it’s locked or not. So you can Feel the Freedom.