You have to have Android Marshmellow 6.0.1 version of Android device or rooted Android device with the previous version of Operating System in order to connect with Ethernet. Next; you have to have an Ethernet Adapter cable. By connecting this cable into your Android device you can easily enable LAN connection into it. In the next piece of the article let’s discuss a little on further must know fact to be a success in how to connect Android to Ethernet.connect Android to Ethernet

What is the meaning of word storage on the internet?

When it comes to internet connections it is a wonderful place. We can not see the sources but everything is there. In this era, you can collect any information by using web servers. Is there any storage on the internet? This is the unsolved question in our minds.

Actually, the internet does not have its own storage. But it depends on the storage provides by web servers. Simply, Google has its own cloud storage. It is the same as your own data storage in your computer or smartphone. When we search through Google, internet facility uses this cloud storage of Google.

There are two types of storages named primary and secondary. The storage of internet refers to the data stores in hard drives of web servers.

The internet storage depends on the number of web servers available. When web servers increased or when developing existing web servers, it causes to increase storage in the web servers. Then we can access more data by using the internet. This also a must know the fact when searching for how to connect Android to Ethernet.

How to connect SIM card to the router?

You have to connect SIM card to the router in order access internet connection. This guide is designed for you to reference prior to connect your SIM card to the router. It is necessary to follow this particular order of steps.

How to connect Android to Ethernet?

First; Check the compatibility of your SIM with the router

Second; Check whether you can connect your mobile server by using the SIM card or not.

Third; Insert the SIM card into the router and you have to make sure to keep correct APN and the PIN code

Finally, go to the web page of the router and proceed with default settings. In here you have to enter correct VPN and PIN code. Next; you have to save the modifications and restart the page.

After these steps, you will be able to connect your SIM card into the router. If you are struggling with how to connect Android to Ethernet, this is the best guideline you have to follow.

Are you a smart mobile device user who is looking for a pair of wireless headphones for your mobile? If you are willing to do then, of course, there are a lot of things that you should consider before making any purchase. Yeah! It is time to keep the full stop for tangled headphones. Here we are going to discuss best wireless headphones for Samsung and iPhone through the following description.

Best wireless headphones for Samsung and iPhone-Mind-Blowing features

Here, we would like to share a few interesting features of wireless headphone product which can be used for both iPhones and Samsung Android mobiles.

As the utmost feature, we can state that they comprise of high-performance speakers. Moreover; these speakers have been specially manufactured for extended frequency range and lower distortion.

As the utmost feature, we can state that they comprise of high-performance speakers. Moreover; these speakers have been specially manufactured for extended frequency range and lower distortion. These are the best cheap Bluetooth earbuds which have the noise isolating ear tips eliminate ambient.

You can try out this wireless headphone which is compatible with both Android as well as iOS-based smart mobile devices.

Best wireless headphones for Samsung and iPhone

If you are an iOS-based device user, of course, this product is best for you guys.

Best wireless headphones for Samsung and iPhone

Best wireless headphones for Samsung and iPhone-Mind-Blowing features

Actually; these are pretty much easy to use lightening earbuds headphones. Another important fact that we need to highlight here is that the lightening earphone is a Bluetooth connectivity version. What you have to do is just to open Bluetooth on your iPhone at the initial stage. Then; you have to build the Bluetooth connection in between the iPhone and the lightening earphone. That is all you have to do.

When considering the compatibility issuers, you will realize that these best wireless headphones for iPhone X, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus. Moreover; we would like to tell you all that these headphones are supportive for any iOS chapter.

If you are eager to know about the cord of these earphones, it has been designed with an in-line controller as well as a superb –quality microphone.

You can play, pause music tracks, move to the next track or the previous track using the in-line controller. By using the in-line controller, you can answer phone calls or hang up them.


Though there are a lot of facts to reveal about Best wireless headphones for Samsung and iPhone, it is time to keep the full stop at this point for the time being. Do not worry guys! We leave this chapter with the promise of coming back with more updated facts regarding this kind of products through our next post.

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service offered to you by Amazon, the popular online store. This is a kind of a privilege that can be earned by you as an Amazon buyer. But you might be thinking what do you get with Amazon Prime?

What do you get with Amazon Prime?

What do you get with Amazon Prime? – Amazon Prime Subscription

You might be questioning what is Amazon Prime subscription means and why do you need to subscribe it? Amazon Prime subscription offers you varieties of advantages which the constant buyers would appreciate. Here is a list of What Comes with Amazon Prime?

They offer you two-day delivery with free shipping on some eligible items and same delivery for chosen zip codes. Apart from that, they offer you different kinds of discounts and other bonuses like membership sharing. They provide you with free entertainment services like Prime video which supports unlimited streaming of movies, prime music with thousands of free prime playlists and as well as a prime photo with an unlimited photo storage. If you are a keen reader, here’s your chance to grab Prime Reading or Washington Post Free Trial which will give you unlimited access to books, magazines and many more.

What do you get with Amazon Prime? – How much is Amazon Prime Membership

You might be pondering as to whether if I subscribe this feature, will that be useful or will it be an utter failure. For that, Amazon Prime is ready to give you a one-month trial period and then you can pay on annually or monthly basis. Currently, you need to pay $119 per year or $12.99 per month. On the other hand, if you are a student you will get a set of benefits like paying $6.49 per month until you graduate.

Amazon Store Card Payment Login Synchrony

In order to pay for your items, it is necessary that you should have an Store card account first. You will need your credit card which is issued by Synchrony Bank. You can request one from there and you will receive it after 7-10 business days via mail. After creating your account, you can continue to use Amazon store card for your online payments. When creating your account, it’s necessary to create a case-sensitive user ID and a strong password for your account. In case you forget the user ID, you can access your account via your full credit card number and if you’re unable to provide it, Synchrony Bank will provide it over the phone.

What do you get with Amazon Prime

Now, we hope that you have gathered an idea about what do you get with Amazon Prime and you have recognized the advantages of using this service when you buying.